11 Replies to “Class of 1973”

  1. Hey, Dave…Big congratulations on your upcoming retirement. It must be a good time for us school folks to move on, as I am leaving the school business this June after 40 years. Being someone who didn’t have nearly the staying power to stay in one place for too long, I want you to know how incredibly impressed I am by the fact that you have committed yourself for over four decades to the betterment of, I am sure, literally thousands of young minds at Hotchkiss. Great schools are great because of the people who are in the trenches, and not every school is lucky enough to have someone like you whose dedication to the institution is so strong that it receives the benefit of your wisdom, talents, and institutional memory. I know your dad would be so proud of all that you have done, and I wish you well as you move to this next chapter. Enjoy it all! Best, Ramsay Stabler


  2. Dave, Congratulations on a great career as an educator, coach and mentor to so many Hotchkiss students, a true triple threat as Art White used to say. Like Ramsay’s note, your dad would be so proud of your achievements. Best to you. Bob Moriarty


  3. About 15 years ago I returned to Hotchkiss for the first time since graduation. While much of the campus matched my hazy memories, much was new and different. I wandered around, feeling a little disoriented, until…

    I was walking down the second floor hallway of the Main Building and saw a sign outside one of the Math Dept offices that read “Mr. Bolmer.” I stopped and looked in the office and, yep, good ol’ Mr. Bolmer was still there teaching math at the school. And he had aged extremely well and looked pretty much the same as I remembered him. (Did you notice my act of rebellion against Bob Hawkins in starting a sentence with “And”?). It felt good to know that one of my former teachers was still there, and I stopped in to say hello.

    It took me a moment to “get it,” but we then had a wonderful conversation and got caught-up as best we could in 30 minutes (you may not remember it, but I enjoyed it thoroughly). It was heartwarming to see the torch passed and to learn how much you enjoyed the school and your multiples roles within the school.

    Ramsay’s note was spot-on, and I join in our classmates’ extensions of congratulations and best wishes.


    Chris Andrews


  4. Dave Bolmer and I have been friends since we were eleven. We attended school together. He gave me a nickname when we were Preps, and he still calls me “Harry” to this day. He introduced me to my wife. He was Best Man at our wedding. He is Godfather to my eldest child. My family and I have benefitted enormously from Dave’s stalwart presence in our lives. Sound familiar?
    Dave and I used to hike the trails in Salisbury and Lakeville. Once on a day trip to Lion’s Head, he started picking up other people’s trash along the popular path. I mockingly questioned his effort and his sanity!
    Dave continued unperturbed and undeterred. As he crammed crumpled wrappers and other noxious items into his backpack, he said, “Always leave a place better than you found it.” I was completely disarmed. There was no appropriate comeback except to stuff garbage into my pack as well.
    Looking back on Dave’s life, clearly, he continued to successfully apply and follow this simple philosophy. Ask the students he taught. Ask the athletes he coached. Ask the younger teachers he mentored. Ask the Hotchkiss community. Ask anyone who has ever encountered Dave. He leaves a place better than he found it.
    Thanks, Dave. You’ve always made my places better than you found them; Hotchkiss especially.


  5. Hi Dave – it was great catching up with you last fall – Lord how the world has changed since then. I am very proud of you and your accomplishments. The love the students have for you is a testament to your character. You have brought honor to the school and to the class of 1973. Good luck to you in your future endeavors!


  6. Congratulations on a great career. You have a made a positive mark on hundreds of students over 35 years. Teacher, coach, mentor, counselor and friend-you did it all. I am thankful for your teaching of my daughter at Hotchkiss. I appreciate our friendship since we first met on Buehler Dorm II in 1970. Being the first winner of the Lufkin Award demonstrates what everyone knew-you have been a positive force in helping shape hundreds of young people at Hotchkiss. Your father and mother would be proud. Well done!
    Peter J. Rogers, Jr. Classmate and Friend


  7. Dave, I am so impressed by your commitment to Hotchkiss and all you have accomplished. Yours has truly been a life well lived and an example of the most important contribution we can make, which is to give to others and especially the young. Even more, you have turned contribution into achievement over a long and successful career. Congratulations and best wishes for a long and joyful retirement. — Will Tifft


  8. Dave, I regret I didn’t get to know you well at Hotchkiss as our classes and activities didn’t coincide alot. Your Dad, of course, was a force to be reckoned with. I did not have the Mr. Bolmer of our day as a teacher, but he had a reputation for scary high standards and for being at the same time tremendously supportive of students. As others have noted already, your career on the Hotchkiss faculty would make him proud and then some. One indication: You received the Lufkin Prize for outstanding teaching, and recently the Archibald Smith Award for outstanding coaching from the Founders league. I got to know you a bit more and see you in action, when I served on the Board and then was a parent at the School. I would hear feedback from other parents, and all I can say is “Wow”. I remember the Mom of one very bright, very successful girl, a classmate of my daughter, who said to me, about you, quite simply: “He’s incredible”. I think I mentioned that you at the time while we were chatting, and you chuckled and said in your matter of fact way “she’s a good kid, but these kids need someone to help them keep their feet on the ground.” Hotchkiss was so fortunate to have you dedicate your career to the School. The faculty make the School, and I’m sure many of the younger faculty were guided and inspired by your example. I’m sorry we can’t gather in person to celebrate. But I hope you have some good plans coming up. Stay well, and stay in touch. Ned Nunes


  9. My sincere congratulations on your retirement and best wishes that your life’s next stage will be as purposeful and satisfying as you deservedly earned. I am sure your impact over the decades on the students at Hotchkiss was as memorable as your father’s legacy was on me. Your contribution to the future generation is most impressive, but now your time is your own. Enjoy.
    J.P. Williams ’73


  10. Hello David ! With joy and admiration I fully agree with the excellent remarks already made by our classmates. I am confident that your future endeavors will be equally productive. And as you start your next steps into a “new world”, try to wander into North Carolina between Cornelius (my home) and Chapel Hill… wonderful countryside & various classmates in the vicinity. Sounds like a plan, yes?
    Mike Toll


  11. Dave, I don’t recall sharing any activities or classes with you at Hotchkiss, therefore we did not spend a lot of time together. However, I was a big fan of your Dad. He was my math teacher when I arrived as a lower mid (along with Walter Crain who he was mentoring). He was a great educator, someone who really made the subject come alive, as well as someone who obviously cared deeply about the institution. It’s a great testament to him that you followed in his shoes and, from all accounts was at least as impactful to Hotchkiss. Congratulations!


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