Alumni in Classes of 1987-2019

  • Alumni in Classes of 1987-2019, BoG and Trustees:
    • Dave Bolmer taught mathematics for 34 years; did you take his class?
    • Were you coached by Mr. Bolmer in one of the eight sports he coached?
    • Was he your advisor?
    • Did you live in his dorm?

97 Replies to “Alumni in Classes of 1987-2019”

  1. Congratulations Mr. Bolmer! An amazing legacy through all your classes, coaching and Hotchkiss interactions with the whole student body across all these years. I certainly remember fondly many great moments in sports and maybe a few not so great moments in math! Well deserved retirement and enjoy the “break”!


    Dave Tan ’91


  2. Congratulations on your retirement and thank you for your years of service and dedication to the Hotchkiss community. After being in your math class, you encouraged me to try out for varsity volleyball my senior year. I loved being a part of the team and felt so welcome after playing basketball for the previous 3 years. We worked hard and enjoyed a successful season, great camaraderie, and so many of your sweet treats after the games. Thank you!

    Alexis Bryant La Broi, Class of 1991


  3. Congratulations, Mr. Bolmer!

    I feel so lucky to have had you as a teacher both in the classroom and on the field. I remember being quite intimidated by you at first, but you soon became such a warm and supportive presence in my Hotchkiss life. I’ve so enjoyed reconnecting at reunions through the 25+ years since (you never seem to age!) and I will miss seeing you the next time.

    You deserve all the spoils of retirement – hope you are able to enjoy and reflect on your very accomplished career! Thank you for everything!
    -Kelly Shimoda ’94


  4. Mr Bolmer was my Math teacher and my JV Tennis coach. I wanted to drop out of math the second I could, and the only reason I survived Pre Calc was because of Bolmer’s patience and sense of humor. He made math more fun than I could have imagined.

    It also helped that I got to experience his dry wit and competitive spirit while battling it out on the courts as well. Even after I broke my wrist, had to drop out of varsity try outs and switch to doubles my senior year, Mr Bolmer would constantly surprise us to lift our spirits. He even presented all of the Seniors on JV flowers for our last match. Outside of class and sports, we could always count on Mr Bolmer to be in the crowd at our Calliope concerts, our black box plays and student productions to cheer us on. He’s a secret softy and well deserving of a proper send off into retirement. Sending you all the best.

    Best of Luck Bolm Dog,
    Tori Pierce ’06


  5. Dear Mr. Bolmer,

    Congratulations on your retirement! What a tremendous career you have had at Hotchkiss, as well as influence on so many people’s lives! It is heart warming to read all the wonderful comments from different students over the years, a true testament to your character and guidance.

    During my time at Hotchkiss, I got to know you through many different facets of Hotchkiss life- you were my math teacher, varsity volleyball coach, and advisor for all 4 years! I remember your determination, discipline, and dedication. You were always clear with your expectations, which helped so many of us rise to the occasion and beyond. I can only imagine how silly and immature I was as a teenager, and yet you still found ways to relate in your own authentic way. You truly are one of a kind, Mr. Bolmer! And you will be missed! Best of luck with this next chapter of your life.

    Jen Fountain, ‘03


  6. Congratulations Mr. Bolmer!!

    From the 49 fields and thirds field hockey to the math wing, you provided me with the support that made me feel like I could tackle any problem and that regardless of my success (or lack thereof), I would learn something. Your determined spirit encouraged me to match your level of dedication to what you love and I still carry that mindset with me today. You will be eternally embedded in my dear memories of Hotchkiss.

    Best wishes,
    Alexandra Hubbard-Gourlay, ’17


  7. Dear Coach Bolmer,

    Congratulations on your retirement!

    Recently, I was thinking about the box that we used for box-jumps during volleyball season. It was carpeted. I remember asking you why, and you said it was a precaution: if we missed, we wouldn’t tear up our shins. I asked you how it got carpeted, if it came that way. And you told me that you had done it. In hindsight, this was one of the many, many ways that you went the extra mile to ensure our team’s safety and success. You used to drop us down the driveway from the gym at Choate to make sure we were awake and ready to play. You drew hands on the blocking rectangle. You made yourself available for calculus help on the mid-bus home, to Hotchkiss. I remember it being my serve during New Englands, at the end of a close game (Taft?); I remember the other team calling a time out. You told me that I didn’t need to ace it. I just had to get the ball in play. As long as the ball was in play, we could win. I’ve carried that with me ever since.

    When I think back on my time on your team and in your class, I certainly remember being asked to work hard. But more importantly, I remember having the best brought out in me. For that, I am so grateful. Thank you for everything you have given to me and to Hotchkiss.


  8. Congratulations Mr. Bolmer on an amazing career and wonderful legacy. Volleyball is one of my fondest memories of Hotchkiss. I appreciate so much all you did for us and what a great atmosphere you fostered. We had a great time and worked so hard – and we dominated! I am lucky enough to live somewhere where I still get to play volleyball frequently. I think of you often! My team all says “don’t be cute” now when someone strays from the solid basics that wins games. I’m pretty sure I got that from you! That and “move your feet.” Thank you for everything!


  9. Mr. Bolmer, You weren’t my coach, but anytime you saw us hitting tennis balls in the fall, you’d grab your racquet and join — you were that generous with your time. It’s been almost 20 years, and I remember those afternoons so fondly. Congratulations on your retirement!


  10. Mr. Bolmer,

    Congratulations on your retirement, and thank you for loving Hotchkiss and those blessed to be your students, players, and advisees — 34 years and counting.

    I arrived in Lakeville, terrified and eager, to your 480 class. I remember some of those problems still, the thrill of working through them under your watchful eye, the hint of a smile you thought you hid whenever we cracked something you put out to stump and push us. You were fearless in teaching, mentoring, and caring for us, not just in math but in how to do work, think, treat each other, and perhaps most importantly, how to think about, treat, and carry ourselves. I’m thankful to be part of the decades of bearcats with the good, great fortune to be your student.

    Your good humor, love for all of us, and humble confidence was never flashy but nonetheless practically radiated from your person. Wishing you the happiest of retirements, with immense gratitude and admiration!

    Angela Xiao


  11. Mr. Bolmer!!! Congrats on your retirement. My time on the volleyball team was one of the best memories of my life. I still wish we could be playing together. I wish you all the best moving forward and you will always be a very fond part of my life. Sending lots of love!
    -Cortney Powell Chaite


  12. Congratulations, Mr. Bolmer. Thank you for teaching calculus to my whole family! During this period of online schooling, I sometimes hear you speaking to Holly’s AB calculus class, and I watch her face light up at your candidness and clarity. Your class instilled in me a deep appreciation for math, which up until my upper mid year only frustrated me. Thanks to your unmatched teaching, I carry with me essential calculus skills, as well as resilience, attention to detail, and humility. Wishing you all the best in retirement!


  13. Congratulations Mr. Bolmer! I’m sad you won’t be leading future volleyball teams to their championships, but I’m so lucky I got to have you as my friend and coach! Wishing you health, laughter, good sports, good food, and lots of joy and relaxation! See you around! 🙂


  14. Dear Mr. Bolmer,

    Congratulations! Thank you for being a dutiful teacher and a wonderful human being. Calling your MA380 class memorable would be a huge understatement. I can still remember your dry sense of humor, and even though you seemed stern at times, you were nothing but kind to all of us.

    Enjoy your retirement!

    Bill Gao ’17


  15. Dear Mr. Bolmer,

    My first year at Hotchkiss, I arrived as a timid math student in your AB Calculus course, and I left with a confidence in myself as a student that I have carried with me beyond Hotchkiss and even beyond my math courses. I feel extremely grateful to have had you as a teacher and as a mentor, both in class and also in volleyball. Thank you for all you have done for your students and for Hotchkiss, and I wish you all the best!

    Ana Greenberg ’18


  16. Mr. Bolmer,

    You do not just represent what it means to be apart of the bearcat family; you define what it means to be an exceptional educator, guider, and mentor.

    I certainly strayed from the traditional “Hotchkiss student” path more times than not… but you ALWAYS supported me because you care about Hotchkiss students as individuals with their own skills, and dreams. You didn’t push me to go to college, you recognized my individual passions and inspired me to reach for the stars no matter how scary it seemed.

    You care for your students, athletes, and advisees more than anybody I have ever met. In fact, I remember you telling our advisory that you didn’t need kids because you already have 600… that is nothing but the truth.

    Undoubtedly the best part of my 4 years at Hotchkiss… you are a forever friend and I wish you nothing but the happiest, healthiest, most peaceful retirement.

    See you soon!
    Eleanor Kingston ’19


  17. Mr Bolmer, congratulations on a long and wonderful teaching career of 34 years!

    You were a great math teacher and Amalfi music festival supervisor for my sisters and me, and we were lucky to have been your students. It was so fun being in Amalfi with you and the Witkowskis – thank you for your droll sense of humour and your care for all of us piano students. Thank you for being always so warm and supportive, and for living by example what it means to be dedicated to a community.

    Here’s to a joyful retirement ahead! Love from our whole family.


  18. Dear Mr Bolmer

    Congratulations on your retirement and thank you for being the most incredible mentor and mathematics teacher. On my exchange to The Hotchkiss School, I never imagined the profound impact your teaching would have on me throughout my studies back in South Africa and beyond. Thank you for always encouraging and supporting me to achieve my potential, even when I did not believe in myself. Thank you for introducing me to The Hotchkiss life with doughnuts and hot chocolate. Thank you for staying in contact and thank you for being you.

    Sending my best wishes from South Africa. Come visit us soon!

    Kaila Fourie


  19. Dear Mr. Bolmer,

    Congratulations on your wonderful career! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the warm and supportive mentor a bunch of us high-school students really needed when we were just starting to figure out the world. It was a gift to be coached by you in JV Tennis – You pushed us to be better, you listened to us, you made us laugh, and you always had baked goods and treats prepared after matches (hard to forget those).

    Take care and enjoy a well-deserved, happy, and healthy retirement!

    Wishing you all my best,
    Laura Zhang ’11


  20. Congratulations, Mr. Bolmer, on your very well-deserved retirement!

    I was very lucky to have Mr. Bolmer prep year for Algebra. I was never great shakes at math, and Mr. Bolmer was so patient with me, working with me outside class until I fully understood the concepts. I had Mr. Bolmer again senior year, and again, he went above and beyond, very kindly offering extra help when I couldn’t fathom what he was talking about in class! Mr. Bolmer was always a kind, patient, understanding, and encouraging teacher, and I can’t imagine my Hotchkiss experience without him!


  21. Congrats on your retirement Mr. Bolmer! I know I speak for many when I say that there’s very little calculus I can still remember, but I was grateful for the challenge and the pleasure it was to spend time in your classroom.

    Doug McPherson ’05


  22. Congratulations on your retirement, Mr. Bolmer! Thank you for being such a dedicated, thoughtful, and patient Calculus teacher. Enjoy your very-well deserved retirement.


  23. Congratulations, Mr. Bolmer!

    Thanks for acting as one of my biggest constants during my three years at Hotchkiss, from being the math teacher who brought a lot of humor to the classroom to the advisor who always got us donuts.

    Whenever I had an important decision to make, whether it was about course selection, music, or athletics, my first instinct would be to email you, and I almost took it for granted that you would get back to me as soon as possible and patiently walk me through the decision process, regardless of what else you had planned for the day. What a privilege that was!

    Hope you enjoy your retirement, and I’ll be sure to continue staying in touch!


  24. Congratulations on your fantastic journey Mr. Bolmer! Although I never get to take your class, I had a great time venturing out to Amalfi with you, and how you found me just right before my piano master class while I got lost walking around small alleys around Southern Italy…I hope each year at Hotchkiss in the past 34 years had been a distinctively memorable one, and that you’ll enjoy what’s to come, whether that be mathematical fun, or simply just the fun of life.

    Congrats again!!


  25. Mr. Bolmer,

    I will never forget how kind you were to me when I began Hotchkiss as a Sophomore. My prior school didn’t teach math in the same way and it was a frustrating transition! Your tutoring sessions, complete with chocolate chip cookies, are still one of my favorite Hotchkiss memories. It was so obvious that you cared about the student and the love of learning. Everyone deserves a math teacher like you. I hope you are well and wish you all the best.

    Clara Rankin Williams
    Class of 1989


  26. Congratulations, Mr. Bolmer!! Thank you for always pushing me to be confident and think through problems before doubting myself. Your patience and humor in the classroom made AP Calculus not just tolerable, but fun.

    All the best,

    Yasmine Bazos ’19


  27. Congratulations Mr. Bolmer!! Thank you for your guidance as a golf coach and beyond during my time at Hotchkiss. I truly enjoyed getting to work with you as both a player on the golf team and manager of boys JV squash. The level of care and attention you brought to every practice and match taught all of us so many valuable life lessons both on and off of the course and court, and I will carry those with me for the rest of my life. Thank you for all that you have done for the Hotchkiss community, and I wish you all the best in your retirement!

    Ellie Farrington ’19


  28. Dear Mr. Bolmer,

    Thank you for being the kind of faculty member who struck the right balance as a hall “parent.” You basically always opened your door to the hall, and I remember you often giving a friendly “hi” as I came into Dana West 2. That meant more than you know. You were tuned in to our lives, and yet you let us live them, mistakes and all. Like that time you were so tuned in that you found that refrigerator that had mysteriously shown up in my closet. That was so bizarre! Thanks for handling that without too heavy a hand. I can also say say for sure that our stalwart group of poker players appreciated very much that as long as we were “playing for pushups,” and not the waking the neighbors, that you would be cool.

    There was little ambiguity with you… you told it like it was, but were also always encouraging, you cheered us on and were there to support us when we needed it. Thanks so much for making my last two years at Hotchkiss better. Man, I’m really sorry that we can’t send you off at a retirement dinner this summer. You’ve touched a lot of lives and deserve a grand send off. I’d have made at least five or so toasts, and I bet there’d have been a lot of others who’d do the same. I hope you’ll make a point to crash our party next June… would love to see you then, and we’ll just start the toasts when you walk in.

    Best wishes,

    Will Canu ’90


  29. I had the privilege of taking AP Calculus with Mr. Bolmer, who challenged me and everyone else in the class in the best ways. I actually started liking math towards the end of the year, which, if you know me, you would be surprised to hear. I am not, and was never, a gifted mathematician; numbers never made sense to me the way words did.

    On some days, right after math class, I would have creative writing with Ms. Kinsolving downstairs in the English wing. One day, as I was packing up and heading out of the classroom after the bell rang, a friend asked me, “Where are you heading to next?” I answered, “Oh, I have creative writing.” Mr. Bolmer, having overheard, exclaimed, “Creative writing!” And then, under his breath, he muttered, “The way you do math, that’s already creative writing.”

    Dear Mr. Bolmer — please know that that was my favorite joke anyone has ever made about me, and that I still tell that story to new friends again and again, to this day. I have always admired your extreme and passionate dedication to teaching, which made me love your class even though I was horrible at the subject. I will remember most fondly your no-nonsense attitude and your way of inspiring all of us to do better. Best of all, your humor was the kind of dryness that I appreciated and revered. You were truly one of the greatest teachers I’ve ever had. Congratulations on your incredibly well-deserved retirement!


  30. Congratulations Mr. Bolmer on a wonderful career at Hotchkiss! Thank you for supporting me throughout my time at Hotchkiss, both as a student and person. You pushed me to see math and learning in a new light, turning the subject into an exciting problem solving experience rather than a tedious chore. I’ll never forget receiving our final assignment for 550 and looking down to see what looked like a page full of impossible problems. Working through each was hard but so rewarding, and I loved ending my high school math career in that way. I didn’t think math could be all that fun up until that point.

    Have a wonderful retirement – you more than deserve it!!! Go blue!!


  31. Congratulations Mr. Bolmer!!!

    I am so grateful to have had Mr. Bolmer as a coach and mentor through my time at Hotchkiss. From my first day on campus, Mr. Bolmer showed genuine interest not only in my athletic and academic success, but especially in my personal development. Whether my tears were from a volleyball (or three) to the face when he played me back row against Loomis or my struggles as a Florida girl enduring her first New England winter, Mr. Bolmer gave me unwavering support, encouragement and kindness. I am smiling as I write this post, thinking about how Mr. Bolmer would roll his eyes as we started to sing and dance on the long bus rides to away games, but when we caught a glimpse of his face in the rear view mirror, he would always be smiling and laughing along.

    As a coach, Mr. Bolmer instilled resilience and character in each of us. We had our ups and downs throughout our 3 seasons, but under Mr. Bolmer, the Hotchkiss Varsity Volleyball team was known across the league for having integrity and grit. Mr. Bolmer taught us to win with respect and lose with grace, always emphasizing that honesty and effort were far more important than any numbers on a scoreboard.

    To Mr. Bolmer — I cannot thank you enough for the immeasurable positive impact you have had on my life. I cultivated confidence in myself because you believed in me first. I wish I could be in Lakeville to help celebrate your legendary Hotchkiss career; I look forward to when I can congratulate you in person!

    Lynny Wheeler
    Hotchkiss ’14


  32. Congratulations on your retirement, Mr. Bolmer! I am so grateful for your mentorship on the volleyball court and the time you dedicated to your students off the court and out of the classroom. I certainly would not have passed Calculus without your tutoring! I cannot imagine Hotchkiss without you. Wishing you all the best in the future!


  33. Congratulations, coach!

    I remember being pretty nervous when I showed up to volleyball tryouts, having never really played and having no idea what a rotation meant. When I started on the JV team, I remember what boosted my confidence was sometimes being invited to practice on the middle court with you and the varsity setters. You have a special talent for always teaching to your student and player’s level while still pushing them to improve.

    My time at practice, games, and our bus rides (although quieter after a rare loss) are some of my favorite memories from Hotchkiss. I’ll never forget eating ice cream out of our championship bowl 🙂


  34. Mr. Bolmer, huge congratulations to you! While I sadly did not know you quite well during my time at Hotchkiss, I am grateful for our paths to have crossed these past two years, while coaching *against* each other in thirds field hockey. Something I’ll never forget is the fall of ’18 when our teams played on the turf waiting for a referee to show up. As I jumped in to ref with Chan, I remember you set up your lawn chair comfortably and almost shout out, “Hey, Mr. Bolmer, wanna trade spots?” I didn’t have the guts to do that; just admiring you from afar. Anyways, it has been so wonderful to have kept in touch with you post-Hotchkiss. Congratulations again, and best of luck in your new chapter!


  35. Mr. Bolmer,
    Congratulations on your retirement!!! I want to thank you for coaching me on the basketball courts, for coming to all my recitals, for shaking my hand after all my performances, for stopping me in the hallway for quick chats, and for being a part of my unforgettable Hotchkiss experience. Thank you for being one of the most supportive, dedicated, inspirational, and kind-hearted people I have ever gotten the privilege to know. You have made Hotchkiss better; you have made everyone better; and you have made me better.

    I’m sending all my love and the best of luck as you enter into this new chapter!

    Hannah Liu ’19


  36. Mr. Bolmer —

    You may not remember this, but in March 2015, I won a long and close JV Squash match. Stressed, tired, and annoyed after my fourth game, I told you I didn’t think I could win my fifth. You looked me in the eye and told me you knew I could do it. I walked onto the court at the beginning of the fifth game with a renewed sense of determination. Determination to show myself I could do it, and determination to make you proud. Of course I won the match quickly and easily, as you knew I would. Coming off the court and hearing you say you were proud of me proved the most rewarding moment of my senior year.

    This has become one of those little life moments to which I refer often. It always serves as a reminder that I can accomplish things if I give them my all and don’t give up. I thought about it before every serve during a tough match on my college squash courts or any other moment I doubted myself on or off the court. You were with me every step of the way, whether you knew it or not.

    Thank you for endlessly supporting me when I needed it, telling me I was being stupid when I needed to hear it (i.e. on court fights with my little sister over nothing), helping us bond as a team by letting us take over your kitchen while playing romcoms you definitely hated, always giving me endless wise guidance, telling incredible stories about your life over four brothers pizza with me and Sarina, and for building my self confidence. Congratulations on an incredible 34 years, you sure did make an amazing impact on the Hotchkiss community!

    Sending you love and luck,

    Emily von Weise


  37. Dear Mr. Bolmer,

    Congratulations! I can honestly say that my fondest memories from Hotchkiss were on the squash courts with you as a coach. It wasn’t until I joined the JV girls squash family that Hotchkiss felt like home to me. Coming in as a new lower-mid never having played squash before, your coaching and belief in my athletic ability pushed me from being #12 to #1 after two seasons. Your words of wisdom, and archetypal burns after an absurd serve or a cheap drop shot make you the best coach I’ve ever had. More than anything, your nuanced and tough-love coaching style made your rare praises all the more meaningful. To this day, squash remains as my favorite sport and never fails to remind me of baking brownies and watching cheesy movies with the team in your living room. Thank you for helping me cultivate my confidence as an athlete, and as a leader. And most importantly, thank you for teaching me that toughness and kindness co-exist beautifully and are in fact, the perfect combination.

    I hope you know the incredible positive impact you have made on so many students.

    With love and gratitude,
    Sarina Jagetia ’15


  38. Perhaps more than any other person in our school’s history, Dave Bolmer *is* Hotchkiss. From beginning simply as the son of the man who “wrote the book” for math, to becoming a an unassuming but lifelong educator/coach/guide for the community for so many years, Dave Bolmer is to my
    mind a living representation of all that is good about Our School. If dormitories were named after the people who contributed the most to Hotchkiss in terms of time, energy, and commitment given (rather than the comparatively simple assumption of the Headmaster role or the contribution of passive financial earnings) then the next one constructed in Lakeville would have to be named “Dave Bolmer Hall.” Mr. Bolmer, although you might not even remember me, please know that you have helped to make a lasting and positive contribution to my life, and to the lives of countless other former students, both young and (not yet too) old.


  39. Mr. Bolmer,
    Thank you so much for your dedication to Hotchkiss over the years. Senior year I was a “tri bolmer” athlete, on thirds field hockey, JV squash, and varsity golf. It’s crazy to think about how much you taught me through athletics over my three years at Hotchkiss. Lower Mid year, I just didn’t understand your obsession with winning. After all, it was only thirds field hockey, right? Well, it took me a while, but I realized that for you, teaching and coaching was never about winning varsity championship titles, or making sure all of your AP students got 5s — it was about pushing every student to succeed, and more importantly, to learn. Senior year, you gave me a place on girls varsity golf, where I played seed nine out of nine for the entire season. Despite my lack of natural athletic skill (this was a theme throughout my experience on Bolmer teams throughout the year) you put so much time and effort into improving my golf game. And you didn’t only put that time and effort into helping me — you did everything you could to every student you came across. Most teachers would simply punish students by marking them absent if they didn’t come to first period math class — you personally called every students’ room every time. You also drove students in need of a ride to the airport, hand made sports equipment that would help us succeed, and celebrated big wins with sparkling cider and chocolate. I wish you the best in retirement, but I know you will still be rooting on the bearcats no matter what.
    Best wishes,
    Zoe Bank ’19


  40. Mr. Bolmer is an incredible person. He was a demanding professor and coach to many people, but was always rooting for the people he pushed and gave his whole heart to everything he did. In my four years at Hotchkiss, Mr. Bolmer was incredibly kind, engaging, and sharp-witted. He had amazing stories, gave great advise, and was always willing to comment on tennis swings. I am incredibly lucky to have known Mr Bolmer while I was at Hotchkiss because he is part of the reason I have so much love for the school–he is a cornerstone of the institution and the school will not be the same without him.

    Mr. Bolmer–thank you so much for being an advisor and friend to me through the highs and lows of my time at school and afterwards. Congratulations on retiring! I know that going forward from here you will have many great adventures and years of happiness.


  41. Dear Mr. Bolmer,

    Congrats on the end of an amazing career! Although I wasn’t fortunate enough to take one of your classes, I can honestly say that my favorite sports season was spent with you on the 49 fields. Thank you for being a phenomenal coach and for pushing me to not only play well but also to lead. From your pre-game speeches to your post-game apples, your words and actions have left profound impacts on so many people. I hope you enjoy your retirement. It is well deserved.

    Best wishes,
    Amy Li ’18


  42. Mr. Bolmer was one of the most important figures for me during my time at Hotchkiss. As my coach for four years on the volleyball team, I had the privilege of sharing many bus rides, practices, championship tournaments and Taft days with Mr. Bolmer. As my math teacher, he also bestowed me with my worst grade of high school. I am grateful for both experiences. Mr. Bolmer always pushed us to be the best version of ourselves. He was relentlessly fair and had a near militaristic punctuality (who can forget the ever changing practice and pregame times—3:41, 4:01, 10:37 etc.) He approached each practice and class with the same amount of vigor and by virtue of that fact, encouraged us to do the same. It wasn’t all serious though, Mr. Bolmer had a great sense of humor that perfectly balanced his high expectations. Though I still have not forgiven him for insisting on shorts for the volleyball team (so many layers!), I will continue to remember Mr. Bolmer fondly. I am sad for the future Hotchkiss students who will not get to experience Mr. Bolmer, but I have no doubt he will find much joy in retirement. Thank you, Mr. Bolmer!! Wishing you all the best and hope to see you soon!


  43. Congratulations, Mr. Bolmer! I’m so grateful to have had you as an advisor. You were wonderful, as I required some measure of patience, and you have it in spades! You were always kind and supportive, and I’m so grateful that we had a chance to catch up at our last reunion. I’m wishing you all the best in your well-earned retirement, and please look me up if you find yourself in the DC area.

    Best wishes,
    Gretchen Opper ’90


  44. Congratulations Mr. Bolmer!

    As you know, I never had you as a teacher, but I was lucky enough to have you as my coach. I still remember prep year when I first went out for the ice hockey team (even though I had never played and couldn’t skate), then for the swim team (even though I wasn’t a very good swimmer), and then finally landed on JV volleyball half-way through the winter season. You approached me and asked me why the heck (you didn’t say heck) I hadn’t just gone out for varsity volleyball in the first place, and you then kindly gave me a shot on your team.

    “Once Mr. Bolmer is your coach he’s your coach for life.” I learned this when I went on to play volleyball in college and you came to one of my games. I don’t think we fared so well in our game. Afterwards you said it was awful (it was!) and made suggestions for different formations and plays based on the few strengths we possessed. You have always been a straight-shooter. I remain grateful to you for your candor, wisdom, and humor.

    In 2019 I got to visit your classroom for the first and last time when my son came to Hotchkiss for revisit day. I didn’t understand much of what you covered, but I was smiling the whole time, because you were the same Mr. Bolmer that I knew and loved.

    I wish you the very best, Coach!

    Laura Larsen Dudley ’90


  45. Congratulations Mr. Bolmer. You taught me for at least 2 years (possibly 3) of my Hotchkiss career. If you remember me, you will probably be surprised to hear that I am about to complete my 25th year as a math teacher. Thanks for the inspiration. Enjoy retirement.


  46. Congratulations on your retirement, Mr. Bolmer!

    I showed up in your 550 math class with going on six years of frustrating math classes and little to no desire to take calculus. You made the class both educational and enjoyable, and I left feeling more confident and capable in my academic ability than any class before it. I owe much of my generally positive math experience in college and my newfound appreciation of math to you and your unwavering support, determination, and kindness. You managed to teach calculus clearly and effectively, make me feel like math was something I could do, and show me that math could, actually, be somewhat fun; I never felt that you were exasperated, bored, or frustrated with the subject, my class, or me. Thank you for helping me to regain much of my math and academic confidence and for being such a wonderfully kind, supportive, honest teacher.

    Your commitment, dedication, and honesty were invaluable to me and to the rest of Hotchkiss – thank you, and enjoy retirement!

    Lucia Poggi, ‘18


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