19 Replies to “Current Students”

  1. Despite the mathematical rigor that your 480 class demands, I simply can’t count how many times we got donuts from you after your advisory or how many times you lend me your calculator when I forget one… Thank you for your 34 years of service to the school, Mr. Bolmer!


  2. Mr. Bolmer! I was extremely lucky to start my math career at Hotchkiss with your 480 class. Frankly, it was hard, but you’ve always been so helpful and supportive (you, perhaps, held the most office hours than any other teacher I’ve had). But my memories with you didn’t end at 480. It was always so nice to see you at voice recitals, choral concerts, and on the squash courts. Your help for Songs for Smiles has been extraordinary (McDonald’s & Sweet Williams always add to the excitement of being able to perform at Geers/Nobles). (I’m not trying to flatter, but) throughout my three years at the school, you’ve always been such a kind, supportive, and friendly figure to me. I hope your retirement life will be filled with joy, and I can’t thank you enough for everything! Please keep in touch!


  3. Mr. Bolmer, thank you for teaching me so much in our 480 class this year. Even though I initially found the course to be very difficult, your patient instruction has helped me greatly, and I am now far more comfortable with the content we are covering. I have learned the importance of paying attention to the small details, and will never again bring an uncharged calculator to class. I have also improved a lot as a squash player, thanks to your guidance. I am very grateful to have had you as a teacher and coach, and would like to wish you a happy and healthy retirement.


  4. Going into 480 math, I expected it to be the bane of my existence from all the rumors I’ve heard about it. Mr. Bolmer, you’ve made math class something extremely challenging and hard but in the best way possible! Thank you for pushing me to always try my best and give everything a try before giving up, and for always checking in on your students and being such a caring teacher. I’ll miss your classic Mr. Bolmer sayings (such as: ok enough of that, that was fun, a “round” circle).


  5. Mr Bolmer,

    When I first found out that I was in your class I was extremely nervous because your classes are known to be notoriously challenging. I have always considered myself to be “bad” at math but in your class that was never an option. You expected us to come to class prepared each day, and not only be prepared to discuss what we were currently learning but also what we learned 1, 2, or even 3 years ago. You made each of us work to earn your respect and were never one for superficial praise, two characteristics which only made me work harder in your class. I am a more confident math student and I won’t go as far to say that I love math now but I have certainly enjoyed your class!

    Thank you for a wonderful year and I hope you have an amazing retirement! Oh, and thank you for all of the donuts (my favorite food).

    Ally Fertig


  6. Mr. Bolmer,

    Thank you for this year in 550 math. I was nervous coming into your class because I could tell even form the first day that you expected a lot from us. However, as time went on I realized that the expectation you set for us came from the respect you have for our class. You pushed me to understand the deeper meanings and continue to work through problems (even when I made silly algebra I mistakes). You helped me find a lot more confidence in math, because you never let me answer a question with uncertainty. You would stop be if I started my response with “maybe” or “something like” and that taught me to stay confident in my answers, even if I was wrong. Thank you again for giving me a class that made math both interesting and fun.


  7. Mr. Bolmer,

    I always came to your classes knowing I had to be fully present and engaged. Each class was another obstacle course of problems we hadn’t seen before, each test a sprint—I had never had a math class like that. And now as my time at Hotchkiss draws to a close, I dearly hope that my next 4+ years of math will be just as you taught it, pushing me to try even when I wasn’t sure, forcing me to collaborate with classmates, and providing me an environment to test new methods. In your class, I didn’t just learn math—I learned how to be a better math student.

    So, thank you, for what I believe to be an education that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Truly.

    Carter Moyer


  8. Mr. Bolmer,

    I have really enjoyed having you as my 480 teacher this year and golf coach. In class, you never fail to challenge me, but have helped me gain more confidence in my math ability and led me to speak up more in class. You have stimulated my love for math by giving us new and creative problems, often times ones that I have no idea how to solve! You have pushed me to become a better student every day and I am so grateful for that. You have also taught me that details, no matter how small, make a huge difference, especially for math. I will now never (no promises though) call something a line when I am really referring to a line segment.
    As a coach, I felt your support every practice, whether I was playing well or poorly. You kept me in focus and pushed me when I needed it, which made me a better player. I am so sad we missed our season this year, but I hope to see you at our home matches next year! Happy Retirement!

    Morgan Carr


  9. I can’t comprehend the amount of classes you’ve taught, the people you’ve met, and the years you’ve spent committed to one place. It’s truly mind-boggling. I am extremely grateful and still a little bit surprised at your continuous commitment to the Music program, as well — it’s heartwarming to know that there’s someone out there who really goes to all the concerts. I’ve enjoyed 480 immensely: you’ve really opened my mind about learning in general, and I’ll miss all of it. Thanks so much!


  10. Hi Mr. Bolmer!

    As one of the students in your last advisory group here at Hotchkiss, I cannot express how much gratitude I hold. I would definitely say that you are one of the first Hotchkiss members who makes me feel welcomed. Through your care for our advisory group, I have built close connections with the three other girls in the group through the meetings, dinners, and brunches we had together. You have always been an extremely supportive figure for my academic and social life. You helped me with math (even though I’m not in your class), coached our field hockey team twice, and also tried to learn about see if you can offer any help for my travel plans during holidays. As an international student far away from home, this semester had been awesome with your help and support. You made me feel like I’m at home here in this school, and I will never forget your kindness. You said that you live close to school, so please come visit us whenever you have time! I hope that you will have a great time after your retirement, knowing that we will forever keep you in our hearts!

    Celina Wang


  11. Congratulations, Mr. Bolmer.

    Although 480 was no doubt challenging, I realized that those forty minutes of my days were the times I looked forward to the most. As you taught with enthusiasm, humor, and patience, we also learned to appreciate the art of math, a priceless lesson. I feel lucky to have had you as a teacher, as your class was unforgettable.

    I wish you all the best in retirement!

    Mitra Kardestuncer


  12. Dear Mr. Bolmer,
    Thank you for teaching me in math 550 this year and coaching me in squash for my entire Hotchkiss career. Throughout my time at Hotchkiss I have appreciated that you have always pushed your students and players to be the best versions of themselves, not only in the classroom and on the field but in life. When I first arrived on campus and the squash team I lacked the skills and maturity to be a good teammate. However, over all four years of your coaching you taught me what is necessary to be a good teammate and leader. My experience has been the same in your math class. When I first arrived in your 550 class I lacked the skills necessary to improve my own math ability. Again, your class taught me about the importance of noticing every single detail and being able to adapt and apply what we have learned to unseen math problems. I am incredibly thankful that I learned these skills in your class as I head off to college next year. As my Hotchkiss career draws to a close and I reflect on the people and experiences that helped to shape my time at the school your name rises to the top as the most influential.

    I hope that you have a great retirement!

    Jack Kempczinski


  13. Dear Mr. Bolmer,

    Never did I think I would make it this far in math 480. Going into the class, I told myself I could drop to 450 at any point, but you convinced me to stay. There were many times when I had no idea what was going on in class, but you were willing to meet with me every week, and you were patient when I didn’t understand. Thank you for believing in me and encouraging me to keep trying. I can not express my gratitude enough for your dedication to your students and Hotchkiss.

    While I am sad to see you go, I am thankful for the lasting impact you have made in my life. I wish you the best in retirement.

    Emily Bukowski


  14. Mr. Bolmer,
    I’m very grateful to have gotten to be in one of your classes this year. Though I have known you and seen you around the squash courts since my prep year, I was lucky to get to spend time in your class almost every day. You challenged me as a student not only with the calculus curriculum but also with immeasurables such as being able to speak clearly and having confidence in myself as a student. I, among many others, appreciate your kindness and willingness to help both in and out of the classroom. Thank you for everything that you have done for Hotchkiss and for giving me a very fun but challenging last math class! I hope you enjoy your well-deserved retirement!!

    Julia Chai


  15. Dear Mr. Bolmer,

    I enjoyed being a part of your squash team this season in my Prep year at Hotchkiss. You were a great mentor and coach! You deserve to be recognized for all of the personal qualities necessary for a long and distinguished career at Hotchkiss.

    Wishing you all the best in your next chapter!
    Christian Waldron


  16. Hi Mr. Bolmer!

    You have truly watched me grow over the past four years. After being cut from volleyball, I ended up trying out for field hockey, and that was where I first met you. You always had your big hat, designated chair, and whole lots of blankets and gloves on the sideline. After spending two seasons of field hockey with you, I was informed that you were going to be my math teacher for math 550. I have previously heard about the high expectations you have for your students, so I was honestly a little nervous going into our first class, despite knowing you as my coach since my first semester here. I soon came to realize that the expectation you set for all of us comes from your hope for us to become the best versions of ourselves. Because of that, I would come to class everyday excited and ready to dive into any questions you had up on the whiteboard. Although I did not play field hockey this year, I was looking forward to spending our 5th and final season at Hotchkiss together. You have been an amazing mentor, teacher, and coach to me for the past four years. Although many people may not have seen the goofy and soft side of you, I am so glad to have had you close by my side during my time at Hotchkiss.

    P.S. I expect to see you come out to my games next year!

    See you soon,


  17. Dear Mr. Bolmer,

    I can’t imagine what my Hotchkiss experience would be like without you. From the first time I stepped onto ’49 fields to the first time I took a 3 questions in 20 minute 480 math quiz, I will always appreciate how you have been there for me. As a teacher, you helped me gain confidence and better problem solving techniques in math. Also, I’ve always felt like thirds field hockey was my first Hotchkiss family. Even though we only almost made it to an undefeated season, I had no regrets about my 3 years on the best team. I cherished every loud (very sorry) bus ride back from away games with dunkin’ donut holes, every poster you made telling us to keep our “sticks down” and go “non-stick side”, every blanket you brought for us on those cold rainy days. I am honored to have contributed to your impressive 900th athletic victory and to be in one of the last classes to be taught by you. I’m sad to see that both of our times at Hotchkiss is coming to an end, but I really hope to keep in touch and to see you again in the future.

    Thank you for everything,


  18. Thank you Mr. Bolmer for making math a fun and engaging class for me! Math tends to be my weakness, but teachers like you who challenge students while keeping them interested really transform the class into an opportunity to learn. You pushed me to ask questions in order to improve, and I truly appreciate how much you invest in teaching your students and ensuring that they enjoy learning. I hope you have an amazing retirement, and thank you again!


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