20 Replies to “Current Parents and Parents of Alumni”

  1. My best wishes to Dave; I missed the benefit of your and your father, Steve’s, math instruction while at Hotchkiss, but I think you may have taught one or both of my children, Eugenie and Ian. I did enjoy the occasional tennis match or round of golf I had with you and your Dad while living in the area for many years and after graduation. Enjoy this next stage of your life, Dave. Best Scott Warner H’60; P’88, ’92


  2. Dave Bolmer taught my son Elliot math I didn’t understand and yet he somehow made parent visiting day fun, even for those of us who are words vs numbers people still intimidated by math class! He is warm, funny and wears great socks as I recall. I appreciate the knowledge you advanced in my son, Dave, and wish you much fun in your retirement! Best from Bok family.


  3. Now that Dave Bolmer is retiring, I know that time has truly flown.

    I had the pleasure of being taught and coached by Steve Bolmer, Dave’s father. Based upon Dave’s graduation year from Hotchkiss, he would have been 14 years old in the year of my graduation – 1959.

    I remember visiting with Dave both on Parents’ Weekends (my daughter was Class of 1993) and at reunions. His success at the School, after his father’s many years of teaching proves the old adage that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

    Best regards, with my hope that the School can successfully reopen soon.


  4. Congratulations Dave and thank you for be a good teacher. My son is class 23 and I am so proud to be part of this community.
    God bless you


  5. Dave,
    From a Hotchkiss parent and Salisbury alum I wanted to send you a heartfelt congratulations on your well earned retirement and a shout-out that we (the Salisbury crew) are just simply thrilled with what you have achieved and the amazing things you have to look forward to in retirement. If you need pointers on how to really make an impression in your ‘fun years’ just check in with @woodyrutter. He’s many things to share on life after the Boarding School career.
    All the best to you and your family,
    -Randy Wilmot


  6. Dave Bolmer is one of those teachers who makes schools like Hotchkiss what they are. His career at our school has been both extraordinary and exemplary. When I think of Dave, these haunting and gracious lines of Wordsworth come to my mind: “….that best portion of a good man’s life,/His little, nameless, unremembered acts/Of kindness and of love.” Dave has given the best portion of his life, a hugely generous portion, to Hotchkiss, and he is a good man. His many gifts, little and large, nameless and named, unremembered and remembered, will live on in the spirit with which they were offered, with kindness and with love.


  7. David was a great mentor, advisor and coach to my Daughter, Anna ’06. Anna learned determination, humility, self reliance, appropriate competitive spirit, the value of teamwork and respect for all. David has been one of the most influential people in Anna’s life, and I can’t thank him enough for his deep caring.


  8. One of our best classroom memories of Parents Weekend was sitting in on Dave Bolmer’s classes, always lively, informative and well-paced. But more than that, we very much appreciated the creative, individualized instruction he provided to both our daughter and son. A teacher who went well beyond the expected in the true tradition of Hotchkiss faculty.
    Carol & Jim Dillon P’10,’13


  9. We knew each other mainly through my daughter’s years playing volleyball. Those games were hands down the best entertainment in Connecticut! Thanks so much for that experience, and congratulations on your retirement.


  10. Dear Mr Bolmer,
    In our son Taylor’s first year, Tom and I were so grateful for the consistent, straightforward and good natured guidance you provided Taylor and our family as he/we learned the Hotchkiss ropes. We wish you well in retirement and hope that this change means only that we see more of you around the Hotchkiss fields and courts in the coming years.
    Cassie Robbins & Tom Clayton


  11. Wow, you were such an enormous part of Eleanor’s (‘19) and George’s (‘17) experience at Hotchkiss! Advisor, mentor, teacher, math guru, coach, friend, parent in absentia! Even chauffeur at times. From 2014-2019 you were directly in my Hotchkiss students’ lives! We still keep in contact from across the miles, and you’ll always have a place with us to visit if you head West. Thank you, Dave, for too much to list in a Blog, just thank you and then thanks some more!! We were heading to your Retirement dinner with a lot of teary-tissues this Spring! Let’s have that dinner out West when the dust settles for the country’s health. Love and Gratitude, xo, from all the family and me/mom,
    Louise Stephenson Kingston P’17, P’19.


  12. Dear Dave,

    Thank you for teaching our son Carter, class of 2020! You challenged the way he approached math and he is definitely the stronger for it! I know your recommendation was also instrumental in his acceptance to SSP last summer, where he leveraged what you had taught him. As he heads off to Harvey Mudd, we are grateful that you taught him how to think and not just do.

    Best wishes for you in your retirement. May the coming days be filled with joy and relaxation!

    all our best,
    Elizabeth & Grant Moyer, P ’20


  13. Mr. Bolmer

    Congratulations on your retirement and ‘thank you, thank you, thank you,’ for all you are and all that you have done for the countless lives you have touched and influenced.

    Like our two graduates, George ’17, and Eleanor ’19 the entire Kingston clan truly recognizes and celebrates your impact on the Hotchkiss School and community. You will be sorely missed but not forgotten.

    Thank you for supporting and guiding our daughter Eleanor ’19 in so so many ways. I wish we could have been there to celebrate this milestone in person. I’m happy for you that you will be staying close by, and wish you good health and happiness as you embark on your next chapter.

    There is always a place for you here in the beautiful mountain west should you make it out for a visit or tour!

    Warmest regards, Martyn Kingston, P’17, ’19


  14. Dear Mr Bolmer, we are Lisa Berlizova’s parents. We truly believe you have become a cornerstone in her development and in her transition to Hotchkiss life. You happened to lead all the areas she is passionate about – from advanced Math to volleyball. Over and above this, you embody the leadership and guidance that she needed the most. You are strong and tough in your classroom, yet caring and extremely considerate in advisory. You are everything she hoped to find in a mentor. Thank you dear Mr Bolmer. We hope to keep in touch.


  15. Dear Mr. Bolmer,

    Thank you for your unwavering commitment to the Hotchkiss community! You wore many hats and touched many lives during your 53 years on campus. Even though only two of my four daughters had the privilege of having you as a teacher, they all speak very highly of you.

    Thank you for always making the time to give support and guidance to Jessica, Taylor, Alexandra, Scott and myself. We will be forever grateful.

    Congratulations on your retirement and all the best as you embark on the next Chapter in your life!

    Warmest regards,
    Patricia and Scott


  16. Mr. Bolmer,
    When our ‘island boy’, Cole, arrived at Hotchkiss, you stepped up as the tennis coach. You went above and beyond as I remember visiting in late Spring and you were shoveling snow off the courts so the boys could practice! You always had all the time in the world to talk with us, which meant the world when we lived so far away. Wishing you a wonderful retirement. Hotchkiss will surely miss you!
    Our very best,
    Chris and Annabeth Maura P’19


  17. We would like to thank Professor Bolmer for teaching Mathematics to our daughter Lavina Ngo 21′. She was enthusiastic and trusted him to check about Math Placement Calculus AB. We are very glad that he has explained well and offered excellent instructions and follow-up to his students (my kid in our cases). The teaching profession need more people who has dedication like him, people who have the opportunities to have different professional choices but prefer the Noble Calling of teaching and Academia…We have attended the class and learned more about his excellent pedagogic skill during that time. Thank again and we wish you well, in excellent health to continue your activities and hobbies during your golden sunset retirement…


  18. Dear Mr Bolmer,
    You have set high expectations for both your math students and athletes with a consistent, firm resolve. As a teacher and a coach, you earned my respect and the respect of both of my sons– two very different young men (as you know!).
    Thank you for your many years of service and for impacting so many Hotchkiss students over the years, including Tommy and Huck. Enjoy your retirement!
    Brooke Whittemore


  19. My son Blake (’19) was a both a student of Mr. Bolmer’s as well as an athlete under his coaching in tennis and squash.

    We had the opportunity to interact with Mr. Bolmer quite a bit over the four years that Blake was a student at Hotchkiss. I think it’s fair to say that he had a significant impact on my son’s education.

    (photo included on photo page)



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